In a recent development within the management structure of River Group’s companies in the Stockholm region, key changes at Pumpsnabben have set the stage for an exciting future. Idris Akman, CEO of Miva Montage, will now also lead Pumpsnabben, while Krister Björne steps into the position of Service Manager. Additionally, Stefan Eksudd, the former Managing Director at Pumpsnabben, is transitioning to Sales Manager for River Group in Sweden. This strategic shuffle aims to reinforce the collaboration between Miva Montage and Pumpsnabben, demonstrating a commitment to strengthening their position in the market.

We interviewed Idris, Krister, and Stefan to illustrate these changes.

Idris Akman: Preserving Local Identity and Enhancing Competitiveness

Idris Akman has an entrepreneurial background and diverse experience managing large and small companies. His insights into project execution, company operations, and a robust network make him a perfect fit for steering both Miva Montage and Pumpsnabben towards success.

With his two-year tenure at Miva, Idris Akman brings a fresh perspective to the role at Pumpsnabben. He emphasizes the positive impact of change and the infusion of new energy to drive both companies forward. Teaming up with Krister Björne, who boasts extensive experience at Pumpsnabben, Idris sees the collaboration as a natural choice for the company’s evolution. He highlights the benefits of having Krister take over the operational side, citing his familiarity with the staff and customers as invaluable assets.

Miva and Pumpsnabben create a powerful synergy. Idris underlines that the two companies complement each other, allowing for seamless collaboration and access to a broader customer base. The shared leadership structure enhances efficiency and positions them to undertake significant projects together, making them top players in the industry.

Idris sheds light on the unique strengths that set Miva and Pumpsnabben apart from the large corporations:

“Our professionalism, fast decision-making processes, and the entrepreneurial spirit we retain make us stand out in the industry. Maintaining short communication channels allows us to achieve a level of efficiency that larger corporations often struggle to match. Despite our new and more professional approach, we are committed to preserving the unique strengths inherent in our smaller organizational structure.”

Krister Björne: Working Smarter, Not Harder

With 20 years of experience, Krister Björne started in a small family company in Stockholm, later excelling as a global service technician in water purification. Progressing into sales, he managed a team of 20 technicians. His waste expertise makes him the perfect match for unlocking Pumpsnabben’s potential.

Krister underlines the advantages of the Miva and Pumpsnabben partnership, where each company’s strengths reinforce the other. Pumpsnabben’s expertise in pumps and services and Miva’s proficiency in processes and project management form a powerful alliance.

Krister expresses enthusiasm about being closer to customers at Pumpsnabben, highlighting the team’s efficiency and speed of operation and emphasizing the mutual benefits for both companies.

Krister advocates for working smarter, not harder, to foster a workplace that retains valuable expertise and positions itself as an attractive destination for future talent:

“Pumpsnabben’s expertise in pumps, operation, and service aligns perfectly with Miva’s expertise in project management. Integrating Pumpsnabben’s pump expertise with Miva’s process knowledge creates a dynamic duo capable of swift problem-solving and efficient project execution.”

Stefan Eksudd: Preserving Knowledge and Embracing Innovation

Stefan Eksudd has a rich background in pumps, service, and sales and over two decades of industry experience, making him a perfect fit for creating the strategic initiatives that will push River Group to the forefront of the sector.

Now serving as Sales Director for Sweden, Stefan provides a broader perspective on River Group’s ambitions. With a focus on becoming a one-stop shop for customers, Stefan underscores the strength derived from the group’s diverse capabilities. The ability to merge companies and collaborate on large projects benefits customers and empowers smaller companies within River Group to compete with industry giants while maintaining autonomy.

Stefan emphasizes the importance of preserving “old” knowledge and embracing new expertise to stay at the forefront of the industry. The ambition is clear—positioning River Group as the customers’ first choice, offering comprehensive solutions with unwavering reliability.

Emphasizing the strength of their personnel and their broad knowledge, Stefan remarks:

“In our pursuit of strategic acquisitions that benefit all countries and members within the group, we must prioritize staff experience, knowledge and development. River Group aims to balance tradition and innovation, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the past to make informed investments in the future.”


Summarized: A Unified Vision for Growth

The leadership shuffle and collaborative efforts between Miva and Pumpsnabben signal a change in management and a strategic move to create a stronger, more versatile force within the industry.

The emphasis on customer-centric solutions, personnel development, and strategic collaborations positions River Group as a top-of-mind player within the water and sewage industry. With a unified mindset, the group is set to shape the future of water solutions and be a trusted support system for its customers.