Oslo Pumpeservice AS is among the few in Norway that were granted access to the American warships. Below, they tell us why that is and the entire story. It’s an exciting read – Enjoy!


USS Bainbridge (DDG-96)

March 12, 2020

USS Bainbridge is an American destroyer in the Arleigh Burke class based in Norfolk, Virginia. The ship, named after William Bainbridge, belongs to the Atlantic Fleet of the United States Navy.

This mission marked the first successful wastewater emptying for our part of the warship. As an experienced company in ship wastewater disposal, we have successfully carried out similar tasks. We have established strong collaborative relationships with executing agents and gained industry trust. Our dedicated team is accustomed to handling pipeline challenges and ensuring everything is performed efficiently and professionally. We greatly appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with USS Bainbridge and their executing agents. We will continue to deliver high-quality services and maintain our expertise to meet future challenges and opportunities in ship wastewater disposal.


In April 2009, USS Bainbridge was part of the rescue operation off the Horn of Africa to save the captain aboard the Maersk Alabama who was held hostage by pirates. The operation ended with three of the pirates being shot and killed and one arrested as U.S. Navy SEALs freed the captain.

The story of this incident was turned into the 2013 motion picture titled Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks. Bainbridge was portrayed by sister ship Truxtun.


USS Mount Whitney (LCC/JCC 20)

June 1, 2021

Oslo Pumpeservice also had the privilege of emptying wastewater for the USS Mount Whitney. This mission was part of our continuous commitment to delivering reliable and professional services in ship wastewater disposal. Our dedicated team has previously collaborated with USS Mount Whitney and their executing agents to ensure the wastewater gets handled safely and efficiently.

Oslo Pumpeservice AS were among the few in Norway granted access to the ship during strict infection control regulations. Crew changes occured under an authoritarian infection control regime. Transport to and from the military airport was through closed and dedicated bus transport, and there was no contact allowed between the crew and the Norwegian population. All U.S. personnel were vaccinated, and the military health service tested everyone embarking and disembarking from the vessel.

USS Gerald R. Ford

May 22, 2023

The aircraft carrier is, as of 2023, the largest and most expensive warship ever built, with a construction cost of 13 billion dollars. The vessel boasts a significant airpower of 75 aircrafts, more than the Norwegian Air Force fleet.

The ship has a depth of 12 meters and has a tight clearance to the shallowest point in the Drøbak Sound (19 meters). This makes it the deepest ship ever piloted into the fjord. Even though Oslo Pumpeservice praised the work of emptying wastewater from the ship, unfortunately, we did not win the bid. Due to our extensive expertise and deep understanding of the harbor’s infrastructure, we had to respond nonetheless to contribute our expertise to this specific task.

The uncertainty surrounding the piping at the harbor necessitated our participation and assistance. The fact that we were involved confirms that we possess the necessary expertise and ability to handle such challenging tasks.

In the actual process, the wastewater from the ship is emptied onto a supply boat, which then deposits it at the Søndre Akershus pier (cruise ship facility). We take pride in contributing in this manner and delivering high-quality services to our clients. Our adaptability and ability to handle complex tasks make us a reliable player in the industry. We continue to build upon our expertise and experience to tackle future challenges and opportunities.