Emil Comet and Pump och Vattenteknik AB blows us away. The small company keeps delivering massive projects, being the preferred supplier from start to finish. This spring, the company installed four pumps for seawater applications, 315 kilowatts and 15 tons.

When you visit the company’s web page or read about one of its projects, you’ll probably think that the company consists of several people, but it doesn’t. Pump och Vattenteknik AB started in 2021, when River Group helped Pumpeteknikk AS and CEO Fridtjof Støre expand his concept to Sweden.

We called Emil to talk about the seawater project, his and Fritdjof’s strategy and how they do what they do. Our first question was straightforward; how do you guys keep on winning projects and bids?

“We’re good at telling people we have amplified, becoming part of River Group. Being part of River Group gives you a foothold in almost every Nordic country through other members and companies. It’s always necessary with a local presence, and by being a part of River Group, we keep that presence by being in touch with other members.

We have many years of experience, making us confident when going for both small and big projects.”

Seawater applications are known for their complexity. You’ll find highly-complex machines in almost every industry, but rinsing these machines is seldom an easy fix. The project Emil has worked on lately involves rinsing industrial applications for the fishing industry.

“Seawater applications have unique and specific requirements. The effects of seawater on materials are no secret to the fishing industry. Equipment and parts used in seawater applications are subject to a uniquely harsh environment, demanding they have specific properties to withstand breakdown and damage. In this particular project, we used Super Duplex Stainless Steel pumps.”

Seawater requires special heavy machinery that is not commonplace, making companies shy away from these tasks.

There are many demands for seawater pumps, and it’s not necessarily easy or intuitive to know where to twist and turn to find the best partner or supplier.

Emil Comet

Pumpe och Vattenteknik AB

“There are many demands for seawater pumps, and it’s not necessarily easy or intuitive to know where to twist and turn to find the best partner or supplier. There are many experts in this field, but they will often only do these exact kinds of projects and keep their business close to heart, not interested in sharing customers or knowledge.

Challenges make us motivated, not worried. There is no other company with this open mindset, we deliver on the customer’s every need and see the project as a whole. We are always curious – how can we solve this better and the best way possible?”

So, is your curiosity why you and Fridtjof never shy away?

“Our business strategy involves both long and diverse experience and an extensive network. We work so-called “application-based”, which means we ask a lot of suppliers and find the best fit based on experience, knowledge and our customer’s specific needs.

We have pretty high demands, and we strive to deliver high-quality solutions with a sustainable impact – we ask many suppliers and choose the combination that creates the best result. We’re fast and provide both quality and innovation. It doesn’t make us particularly cheap, but that’s alright.”

Emil tells us they pass projects over just as much as they get projects in. He thinks it’s a win-win to send customers to other companies within River Group.

“Some of our projects are getting bigger and the installations more complex, so our motivation for collaboration with other members is immense. My goal is to work as much as possible with companies across Lakers.”

Your turnover is extremely impressive, and you are mainly working alone. What’s your secret?

“It’s not a secret, but I sometimes have to pinch myself. I have worked in Pump och Vattenteknik AB for about a year now, and I never know which day of the week it is. It’s not a job; it’s a lifestyle. I love what I do, and it’s so much fun. I think our customers notice my enthusiasm and believe in it.”

Thank you for your time, Emil. Our last question is a must – what is your future ambition and your big, hairy goal?

“I have a number in my head, but I don’t want to say it out loud. But, if I want to get there and reach that number, I need to hire one more person. So finding the perfect hire is my biggest goal.

I both believe and hope we can pave the way for other companies in River Group. My ambition is to help, contribute and make contacts across the organization. I think we’re getting good at taking care of each other and keeping in touch. For me, it’s the most important and exciting thing about the River Group family – every street is paved, and every door is open.”