In the bustling world of construction and infrastructure development, having reliable pump solutions is crucial. Enter Pumpe-Service, a company with a rich history and a commitment to excellence in providing pumping solutions for various needs. In an interview with Robert Butteberg, the Managing Director we gained insights into the company’s journey, its expertise, and its recent ventures into electric pumps.


Back to the Roots

Butteberg boasts two decades of experience in the pump industry, starting with Pumpe-Service before venturing into other renowned companies like Grundfos pumps. However, his heart brought him back to Pumpe-Service, where he continues to drive innovation and customer satisfaction.

“Pumpe-Service initially dealt with smaller electric pumps but has since expanded its repertoire to include diesel driven self-priming pump, catering to situations where electricity isn’t readily available. However, with the global push towards sustainability and green initiatives, we recognized the need to pivot towards electric self-priming pump. This shift aligns with regulatory requirements and their clientele’s evolving needs,” Robert Butteberg tells us.

We saved Telenor from bankruptcy

Robert Butteberg

Managing Director

A Powered Vision for Tomorrow

“The advantage of diesel driven self-priming pump is undeniable,” Robert explains. “They provide a crucial lifeline when electricity is unavailable, allowing us to tackle projects efficiently and reliably.” However, recognizing the challenges posed by reliance on electricity, Pumpe-Service is charting a new course. “We’re embracing electric self-priming pump of significant capacity, offering between 6000 and 8000 liters per minute. It’s a game-changer regarding versatility and sustainability,” Robert affirms.

The company’s recent investments in electric self-priming pump signify a strategic move towards embracing the green shift.

Partnering with Atlas Copco, the leading Swedish manufacturer, Pumpe-Service acquired and tested Atlas Copco’s first electric self-priming pump prototype, now in daily operation. They have two electric self-priming pumps today and plan to invest in two more. These electric self-priming pumps offer significant advantages, especially in projects demanding cleaner and more efficient solutions.


Beyond Pump Rental

Pumpe-Service goes the extra mile by providing comprehensive support and guidance. From recommending pump sizes to offering on-site assistance, the company ensures clients are empowered to make informed decisions.

“Our dedication extends to individual clients like Mrs. Hansen and large-scale infrastructure projects, where we collaborate with industry leaders like Veidekke, pioneering innovation. From the Follo railway to ambitious endeavors like Sørenga, a whole new city district in Oslo, we thrive on complexity, finding immense reward in overcoming challenges head-on,” Robert tells us.


Delivering Fast and with Agility

Central to Pumpe-Service’s success is its agility and responsiveness. “Our pumps are on wheels, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice,” Robert explains.

He recounts a pivotal moment when the company intervened to prevent disaster at a satellite park in control of the television signal to the entire European continent. “We saved Telenor from bankruptcy,” Robert recalls with a modest laugh.

Pumpe-Service remains committed to staying at the forefront of pump technology. While acknowledging the current limitations of battery-powered pumps, Butteberg expressed optimism about future advancements. Pumpe-Service stands ready to adapt and innovate as the market evolves, ensuring it meets the ever-changing needs.

From humble beginnings to pioneering advancements, the company continues to chart new waters.

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