Businesses increasingly turn to energy optimization solutions in the quest for sustainability and cost-effectiveness. These initiatives not only benefit the environment, but also lead to substantial savings for companies.

Electro Care APS was founded in April 2001 in Sjælland, Denmark. Over the years, they have built significant expertise in electric motors and pumps, which is ensured through targeted employee education and the continuous introduction of new high-tech tools and techniques. Their ambition is that current and future processes and productions take place in complete accordance with environmental and safety aspects and in an energy-efficient manner.


Everything Electro

A commitment to service, repair, and maintenance lies at the forefront of Electro Care’s operations.

In the words of Frank Johansen, the MD of Electro Care, “Our main occupation is service, repair, and maintenance. Maintenance is important, considering the thesis that’ it’s better to maintain something than to replace everything.’ It’s about production time for our customers. This part is significant and is becoming more and more important. The goal is to have as much as 100% uptime for our customers, and that’s only achievable through maintenance.”

Electro Care offers comprehensive solutions for various industrial needs. Their expertise spans from pumps to motors, covering everything requiring rotating power. With three locations and a team of 35 skilled employees, they are well-equipped to handle diverse challenges and deliver tailored solutions.

Frank emphasizes the company’s specialization: “We say we make and maintain everything that has rotating power.”


Energy Optimization as a Core Focus

Energy optimization and sustainability have become central themes in today’s green landscape. Optimizing energy usage reduces costs and minimizes carbon footprints, making it a win-win for both businesses and the environment.

Reflecting on the company’s role in energy optimization, Frank highlights their extensive knowledge and expertise. “It’s natural for someone like us to create these energy optimization solutions. Our extensive knowledge of this makes us very well-equipped to handle these tasks. We know what needs to be done, what it takes, and how we need to do it. And most importantly, we need to ensure that when we have created a good energy optimization case, it has a lasting effect.”


Tailored Solutions = Significant Savings

One notable case study exemplifies the impact of their energy optimization efforts. A pharmaceutical factory operating hydraulic systems for large generating tanks sought assistance to enhance efficiency and reduce noise pollution. The company achieved remarkable results by replacing outdated equipment with modern alternatives, including new gearboxes and permanent magnet motors.

The transformation led to a staggering 860,000 Danish kroners per year in electricity savings and substantial reductions in CO2 emissions. Despite initial installation costs, the return on investment was swift, with the new system paying for itself in just 1.5 years. This success story underscores the transformative power of energy optimization, showcasing how smart investments can yield long-term benefits.

Frank Johansen

MD, Electro Care

Customizing solutions to suit each client’s unique needs is central to their approach. Recognizing that effective energy optimization requires a deep understanding of operational processes, they prioritize thorough assessments and ongoing support.

Highlighting a common oversight in energy usage, Frank remarks, “Many of the facilities that operate today say, for example, ‘we have a motor running at 50 kW,’ and we then ask, ‘but does production need 50 kW?’… They both use and pay for more electricity than they need.” Frank concludes by emphasizing the importance of meticulous measurements and problem-solving before they decide how to solve it and what they will deliver. “The problem the customer wants to solve doesn’t involve energy optimization, but the solution leads to it.”

In an era of sustainability and cost-consciousness, energy optimization is a crucial strategy for businesses worldwide. Partnering with a trusted provider like Electro Care companies can unlock significant savings while championing environmental stewardship.

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