Powering the Flow: Pumpe-Service

In the bustling world of construction and infrastructure development, having reliable pump solutions is crucial. Enter Pumpe-Service, a company with a rich history and a commitment to excellence in providing pumping solutions for various needs.

Maximizing Savings Through Energy Optimization: Electro Care

Businesses increasingly turn to energy optimization solutions in the quest for sustainability and cost-effectiveness. These initiatives not only benefit the environment, but also lead to substantial savings for companies.

When the World’s Biggest Military Vessels enter Oslo

Oslo Pumpeservice AS is among the few in Norway that were granted access to the American warships. Below, they tell us why that is and the entire story. It's an exciting read - Enjoy!

Powered by Water

Tesla is no longer a single country car manufacturer but a multi-national business that provides for each market throughout the world. Still, Tesla’s surprise announcement that it will build its fourth Gigafactory near Berlin hit Germany’s car industry like a bombshell.

The Best Friend Brand

River Group continues to grow, and the third company in Denmark has finally joined us! We are proud to welcome Electro Performance as part of our family.

Say Hello to Watman

Every month or two, we sit down with a member for a quick talk about their company, a specific project, their ambitions or hope for the future. This month we spoke to Juha Lintujärvi, MD, from Watman Engineering.