The Rebranding Journey

We spoke with Benny Jonsson, Sales Director, about River Group’s exciting rebranding journey. This transformation marks the transition from local business profiles to a unified group identity. The goal is to strengthen our presence, enhance brand recognition, and leverage the collective strengths of our member companies. Below is an overview of the rebranding process, the anticipated benefits, and how we plan to retain our unique local identities.

Why Rebrand?

Our goal is to transform River Group into a cohesive entity that is easily recognizable and respected both locally and nationally. By adopting a shared profile and logotype, we aim to:

  • Increase Visibility: A unified brand will be more visible on roads and in public media, enhancing our market presence.
  • Strengthen Market Position: Being perceived as a single, extensive entity will position us as a market leader in the water business rather than a collection of small companies.
  • Improve Negotiations and Partnerships: A major benefit of rebranding is the ability to negotiate better deals with suppliers and attract significant projects that smaller, standalone companies might not qualify for.
  • Enhance Employee Attraction and Retention: A unified brand will make us more attractive to potential employees, making it easier to hire qualified personnel.

Maintaining Local Identity

Despite the shift towards a shared brand, we understand the importance of preserving our local roots and individual company identities. By keeping our original company names, we maintain a strong connection to our local neighbourhoods and customers. This strategy ensures that while we grow as a group, we do not loose the trust and familiarity we’ve built over the years.

Building a Stronger Group

Ultimately, the rebranding effort is about more than just aesthetics. It’s about fostering a sense of belonging within our group, inspiring cooperation, and facilitating knowledge exchange among our companies. We aim to create a market-leading business group within the water industry recognized for its expertise and reliability.


Moving Forward

The transition to a unified brand is a significant step in our journey, but it’s only the beginning. We invite everyone to contribute to this process, bringing their best ideas and efforts to help River Group thrive. We will build a future where our combined strengths create new opportunities and successes.

Rebranding River Group is a strategic move designed to enhance our market position, improve operational efficiencies, and foster a unified group identity. By maintaining our local connections and communicating effectively, we can achieve a successful transition that benefits everyone involved. Let’s embrace this change and look forward to a bright future as a cohesive, strong, and market-leading group!