We are pleased to announce that on the 25th of October, River Group acquired El-Lindningar in Eskilstuna AB. The former owner, Thomas Larsson, and his team have built up a solid business and are well-positioned in the region, and they will be a great addition to River Group’s current footprint. Our shared ambition is to grow the business in and around Eskilstuna.

“We are happy to have the team in Eskilstuna in our group. They have very skilled employees, and as River Group, we will be able to offer an even bigger range of services to the customers,” says Carl-Johan Callenholm, CEO of River Group. The company will continue to operate at the same address in Eskilstuna and as its own entity just like before. River Groups MD at “El & Driftteknik i Strängnäs”, Michael Andersson, will take on the role of MD for both entities.