The Lakers Group was originally driven by a powerful vision – to become Northern Europe’s most sustainable, independent pump and water service company. It became apparent that we needed to become a separate entity once more to realize our vision fully.

In July 2023, twenty-one former Lakers companies where divested from Vestum. 40 entrepreneurs that work within the group, together with the majority owner Equip Capital, acquired the companies. The 21 companies now form a new independent group named River Group.

Driven by Belief, Committed to Excellence

River Group is unique in its commitment to sustainability with an emphasis on preserving natural resources. We aim to provide sustainable solutions while delivering top-notch service and customer support. Our track record of technical expertise has allowed us to build solid relationships with our clients.

The name “River Group” encapsulates the journey perfectly – like many small streams merging to form a mighty river, we’ve come together with a shared purpose.

Carl-Johan Callenholm


River Group is addressing key global challenges head-on. We work to be at the technical forefront, using the best products for our customers. Combined with our sustainability mindset, we are setting new standards within our industry.

Our local knowledge and presence enable us to provide quick responses and consistent delivery – qualities that set us apart in the market, Callenhom continues.

A Collective of Industry Professionals

Like Lakers Group, River Group is composed exclusively of individuals deeply rooted in the industry. These industry professionals share a common goal – to build a remarkable company and culture together.

River Group has come into existence through its members’ collective will and belief. Everyone involved chose this path because they believed in the vision and wanted actively to contribute to its realization. This sense of shared purpose creates a unique and motivating atmosphere within the organization, setting the stage for incredible achievements, says Callenholm.

Towards Greater Unity and Shared Goals

River Group will be perceived more like one company compared to the former Lakers Group. The members will share some brand elements and actively impact the growth strategy and group common initiatives. Working even more together will make the group stronger.

We aspire to centralize our efforts and cultivate a stronger unity. While we’ll never abandon our unique local identities, we’re determined to find more common ground. It’s a natural next step in our evolution as a group, demonstrating our maturity and motivation.

Carl-Johan Callenholm


Many Small Streams Make a Big River

River Group represents a collective of industry experts and entrepreneurs who have come together not out of necessity but out of ambition and passion: Our shared belief in the potential of our vision to become Northern Europe’s most sustainable, independent pump and water service company with a core competence in pumps and electric motors.

River Group is ready to make waves, challenge norms, and inspire change, and our growth strategy is ambitious – to double our size in less than five years. We invite you to join us in creating a future that is not just sustainable but exceptional.

Welcome to River Group 2023 – a vision reborn, a future reimagined.


Unsplash: Jason Schuller